Wednesday, July 12, 2006

V-Phone: The new USB phone

It may look just another innocent USB appliance. Maybe a keychain, a memory stick, or any of the hundreds of gadgets that can talk to your PC. But what if it is in fact a fully working Internet-based phone?

Vonage started to sell a new Internet phone that is nothing larger than a USB key, and can be attached to any computer connected to the Internet and make it possible to send and receive call.

The main advantage of the V-Phone is that the phone can travel with you. As long as there is Internet connectivity, you can call your friends, in any place of US or Canada. The gadget also works without any software installation, what makes it much better than systems such as Skype. And all this for $25 (unlimited) or $15 (for 500 minutes).

Link from Vonage

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