Saturday, January 21, 2006

Digg viewer for the PSP

The Digital Blog reports on a new service made available for PSP users on the Internet. The service allow PSP owners to view the best stories posted in the Digg web site. According to their post:
A guy created a new web site that can be used to see the stories posted on Digg on a PSP. The web site is very simple, but allows fast access to the list of sites with the highest number of diggs.

The main windows in kept as basic as possible, to allow easy browsing with a small screen. Really a very clever service for PSP users.

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

The reasons for the success of Nintendo Games

Nintendo has been a great power in the Computer Games for a long time. In an issue of Famitsu, the five main reasons for the success of the company are listed as:
1 - Great Promotions - "A famous Japanese actress, Nanako Matsushima, appeared on a recent commercial for More Brain Training, and for once the woman they dragged out to pose with a videogame actually seemed to be really enjoying herself."
2 - Demo stations were plentiful - "In any department store in Japan, there are DS demo stations. Usually the screens are scratched to high hell, and lately, there are a lot of games to choose from."
3 - Appeal to non-gamers - "This is the most obvious reason."
4 - Wi-Fi game download stations - "At any videogame store, there are DS download and play stations."
5 - Great games sold the system - "Nintendo has always prided itself in quality games and DS has been a shining example. The quality of the games has caused developers to think in new ways, or to find inspiration."

Link via Joystiq.

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Monday, January 16, 2006

Microsoft sells less Xbox units than expected

The Xbox 360 console seemed to be one of the hot products of the last Xmas shopping seanson, right behind the iPod. Well, it did pretty well, but contrary to its biggest competitor, Apple, Microsoft fell short of the expected revenue for its game box.

According to the Inquirer, Microsoft was able to sell only 600,000 Xbox 360s. The total goal for 2006 is 4.5 million units. The deceptive numbers for the last year are partially due to logistics problems.

The situation now gets even harder for Microsoft, since the new console will have to compete head to head with Sony's new console. As is well know that Microsoft looses money on each unit, the future of the Xbox gets a little darker with this news.

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Use your PC to create a free Tivo

Several open source projects have been created to replicate the functionality of TV using just an old PC. However, it takes some time to get all pieces together and completly set up the box. This can easily take one day or two of your time.

This article shows step by step how you can transform an old PC into a nice Tivo-like box.

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Studios delay the adotion of new DVD standard

Ab article by the CD freaks describes the problems in the definition of the new DVD formats. According to them, one of the problems is the excessive requirements placed by the studios on the encription technologies used by the formats.

For example, FOX has been very strict about the need of stronger encription formats for the new Blu-ray technology:
Another problem plaguing Blu-ray development is a requirement placed on the organization when it signed a deal with Fox Studios. Fox had demanded that high-definition DVDs utilize a stricter copy-protection format than AACS, which is employed by both Blu-ray and HD DVD. While HD DVD rejected the demand, Blu-ray conceded.

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The 39 megapixel camera

It is not so long ago the time that a one mega pixel camera would be enough for all your needs. But what can we say now, that a 39 Pixel camera is being released?

The Phase One P 45 is a new 39 Megapixel camera that has incredible features such as
Incredible unmatced 39 Mega Pixels
· Rectangular format sensor 4:3
· 35 frames / min.
· 50-400 ISO
· 3S technology (Secure Storage System)

Learn more here.

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Microsoft new keyboard

The new keyboard from Microsoft has only three buttons... And it seems perfect for them.

Original link

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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Intel going smaller

The real reason for Intel going low power is explained in this post. They are creating new high definitions TV devices can be completely embedded in one chip. In the picture you see a new device of the size of a palm top (original story is here.

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Digital cameras

If you are looking for a nice camera, check one of the following types, available on line:

Canon Rebel X 35 mm Camera With 35-80 mm Lens: Ultracompact, light-weight AF SLR camera has high-speed, multi-wide auto focus system with 3-point Auto Focus and Artifical Intelligence focus for improved performance.

Minolta Maxxum QTsi/35-80 mm Camera: The Minolta Maxxum QTsi is very easy to use. It handles and operates just like a fully automatic point-and-shoot camera, but provides system flexibility with over 50 lenses and accessories available. This item is also available in select Wal-Mart stores. Contact your local store for details.

Olympus Stylus 140 QD CG 35 mm Camera: This super-compact weatherproof model features fully automatic operation and a versatile 38 to 140 mm zoom lens.